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Aspen West owners Sherry and Greg

Aspen West Log Homes, LLC

is a Rocky Mountains log home products distributor. Greg and Sherry Priest, owners of Aspen West Log Homes, LLC. have a combined 35 years of experience in the construction and design industries. Recently they realized a life long dream by adding this log home company to their areas of expertise. Greg and Sherry trained with a leading log home manufacturer in the Rocky Mountain region, and became the distributor of their products for the Colorado Rocky Mountain areas. Aspen West Log Home's products are provided by Yellowstone Log Homes (TM.). The Priest's selected Yellowstone as their suppliers because; they found them to be the manufacturer with the reputation they were looking for, because they were in the Rocky Mountain region, and because they were impressed with the family that own the manufacturing company. Yellowstone Log Homes is a family held company since 1962 with their log milling company going back to 1935.

The logs provided to Aspen West Log Home's customers come from climates similar to ours, hugely reducing the concerns for building with logs in the dry climate. By distributing nature dried (standing dead) or forestry requested cleared logs from the Rocky Mountain region, it insures the products are best suited to build in the Rocky Mountain region. Several styles of logs are available including; Swedish Cope logs, Full Scribe Handcrafted logs, T&G D-Logs, and Half-Log log siding. They come in a standard appearance, a cabin appearance or a custom drawknifed appearance. There are 34 pre-designed log home plans all that can be customized or a completely custom plan can be given to Aspen West Log Homes for logs products to be provided. You can order complete home packages or simply order the log materials. These quality log products are ready to become your "Dream Log Home"!
Amazing home sites are now available in the Colorado Rocky Mountains at prices we haven't seen in decades. Now is the time to realize your life long dream and reward yourselves and your family with a log home with materials provided by Aspen West Log Homes, LLC.

Greg and Sherry strongly believe the most important rewards of life are fond memories with family and friends. Start your "Family log home memories" today!

Contact us and start conversations towards making it a reality for you.